Liu Jin

1971: Born in Jiangsu Province

1995: Graduated from the Department of Arts and Crafts of Jiangsu Xuzhou Engineering Institute.

1996: Started to work as professional artist.


Solo Exhibitions

Injured Angel+ Religion Space TIVAC, Taipei

Lost Paradise, Art8 Gallery, Beijng;
Real Theatre, Jiahe Art Salon, Beijing;
Real Theatre, 140sqm Gallery, Shanghai

The Story of Youth, F2 Gallery, Beijing;
Ascending Angel, George Michell Gallery, Shanghai


Group Exhibitions

Documentary Exhibition of Open— Tens years of Performance Art, Songzhuang Museum, Beijing;
The Power of Political and Environment in China, Contemporary Photography, Norway;
“Water” Contemporary Photography of Cao Changdi Photo Festival  Pekin Fine Art Beijing;
Fake Myth, IllumGallery, Seoul, South Korea;

Lianzhou International Photo Festival, Lianzhou, Guangdong;
Lishui Photo Festival, Lishui, Zhejiang;
“Break on Through to the Other Side” celebration the 20th anniversary of the 1989 Fall of the Berlin wall, Berlin, Germany;
Chengdu Biennale, Chongqing Province, China;
Guangzhou Photo Biennale, Guangdong Museum of Art;
Art Paris, Yu Gallery;
The Starting Point: “Intrude of Shanghai, Zhendai Morden Museum;
Art&Life 366 Days”- Dynamics of Change Jan1-Dec31 2008;
Implosion or Fusion: the Special Shang Elements Museum of Contemporary;
Moment of International Art Talk, Art, No.1 Art District, Beijing;

New Century China Photograph, Artgate Gallery, New York;
Mixe Maze – China Contemporary Photograph, Red Mansion Foundation, London;
China Concept Photograhy 10 Years, Times Space 798, Beijing;
City Split, Songzhuang, Beijing;
Images of Desire, True Color Museum, Suzhou;
Image Dynamics, 798 Photo Gallery, Beijing;
China Contemporary Documentary Exhibition, Wall Museum, Yonghe Museum, Beijing;
Image Fabrication and Contemporary, Chinablue Gallery, Beijing;
Photo-Imagery Art, China and Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition, Art8 Art Space, Beijin;
Real Eden—Angel of Liujin landing on Shanghai Zhendai Museum;
Shanghai A project of Intrude: Art & Life, 366 days Programme;
The Oriental Rainbow — An Index Of Images, Magee Art Gallery,in China’s Urbanization Process, Madrid;
Hefero Imagery — A Kind of Psychology of Urban image, 798 photo gallery , Beijing;ZhuYi, Chinese Contemporary Photography, Lille, France;

“ZhuYi, Chinese Contemporary Photography”, ARTIUM, Vitoria;
“Dragon’s Evolution”, China Square, New York;
“HYPERREALITY”, Beijing Dr Gallery;

“Ruins-an exhibition of new video and photography from China”,The Institute of Visual Arts (Inova Gallery one) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee;
“China International Gallery Exhibition (CIGE)”, F2 Gallery, Beijing, China;“CHAINA/CHINA”, 706 space. Dashanzi Art District, Beijing;

“Vehicle And Mirror Image”, Beijing New Art Projects.798 Beijing;
“Ruins’ Flowers – Contemporary Photographic Works Exhibition” , Art Space, Macau;
“Vagueness Hide Dimly”, Tanling Gallery, Beijing;
“After 70s-The Generation Changed by Market” , Ming Yuan Culture Art Center Shanghai;
“CHINA Action 1”, Centre chorégraphique national de Tours direction Bernardo Montet;
“THE BOOK OF IDEAS – Chinese and Irish group exhibition”, Art Scene Warehouse Shanghai;
“Nouveautes”, Sans Limites Beijing;



“Over One Billion Served: Conceptual Photography From The People’s Republic Of China”, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, U.S.A.;
“Bologna Art Fair”, Bologna, Italy;

“OFFICINA ASIA”, Bologna Galleria del Arte Moderna. Cesena, Galleria Comunale del Arte-Palazzo del Ridotto e Galleria d’ Arte Ex- Pescheria.Rimini,Palazzo dell’ Arengo.Italy ;
“Crisis Of The Rural”, Ruhrland Museum Essen Germany;
“Time to image imitation” , Beijing Taiwan Soka Art Center;
“Tian An Men–Photography Exhibition”, Chinese Eyes Gallery Paris France;
“The Paradise Fire”, Shongzhuang Beijing;“Sense Of Fragility”, Italian Embassy-Cultural Office Beijing;

“Out of The Red”, Trevi Flash Art Museum, Italy;“Out of The Red”,Chinese Art Now, Marella art Gallery,Milano Italy;
“Images against War”, Galerie Lichblicht, Cologne, Germany;
“I am China —- 2003 Chinese Photography Annual Exhibition”, SOHO modern city, Beijing;
“Breath — Chinese Contemporary Photography”, Washington Square Galleries, New York University.U.S.A.;
“Prague Biennale 1“, Prague, Czech Republic;

“Counterfeit — 2002 Chinese Photography Annual Exhibition”, BASA, Beijing;
“Long March— A Visual Exhibition in the walking”, Sichuan Province, China;
View and Distance — Photography Exhibition, There Bar, Beijing;
Second Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, Shanxi Province. China;
“Out of Loss — Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Hammo Art Gallery, Beijing;
“To each his own”, Fashion Institute of Guangzhou University, China;

“Changchun Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition”, Far East Museum, Changchun, Jilin Province, China;

“Scar— Chinese Conceptual Photography Annual Exhibition”, Exhibition Hall of Capital Normal University, Beijing;
“Constructed Reality — Beijing Conceptual Photography”, Hong Kong Arts Centre;
“Self – First-grade International Photography Festival, Dongying, Shandong Province, China;
“Zero Degree-Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Bridge Art Factory, Beijing;
“Knowledge is power-Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Xidan Books Center, Beijing;
“Stars in Happy Life”, an independent film shot in August, Beijing;

“Man and Animals, performance exhibition”, Qingliangshan Park, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province;
“First Open Art Platform, 1st International Performance Festival”, Huairou County, Beijing;
“Usual and Unusual”, Shanghai Yuangong Art Museum;
“Plane, contemporary art invitation exhibition”, China Women’s Activities Center, Beijing;

“Out of Control”, Beijing Design Museum;
“Popular Images of 1990s in China”, International Exhibition Centre, Shanghai;
“Curated Given and Surpassed: Oil Painters Group Exhibition by Artists Born in 1970s”, Wan Fung Art Gallery, Beijing;
“Beijing Contemporary Art Documenta”, Goethe Institute, Beijing;
“Hundred Years, Hundred People, and Hundred Surnames Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Nanjing Normal University

“Reflection Upon Oneself and Environment”, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing Science and Technology University;


Chinese Young Pioneers

The works reflect the spiritual situation of Chinese Young Pioneers born and grow in 21th century , who are the representative of the hope and future of China.

Since the end of 1970s, China have taken the economic reform about 30 years, the society have undergone earth-shaking changes, gained great achievement.

But the fact behind the rapid development is Guo Ji Min Tui (the state advances as the private sector retreats), social wealth concentrated on a few interest groups which cause social deformity development. While the highly concentration of wealth leads to more strict control on ideology field. A red movement have been raised up now in Chong Qing, people are required to sing red song, read red book, watch red TV, this experiment will be likely to be made around the China. In Peking University student with so called personal and extreme thought would be talked and taught.

Although these Young Pioneers are born after 2000 years, their make-up call the memory of Young Pioneers in Cultural revolution period with the standard portrait and temperament of red、light and bright. In the works, Young Pioneers gaze the distance, it seems they gaze  at the flag or it seems they gaze at the future. With this gaze, they hold head high or keep high-spirit and vigorous or looked drunk or empty or looked worried and helpless. All these appearance are showed naturally without any photography instruction.

In the Young Pioneers’ firm and high-spirited stance, we feel automatically that the Young Pioneers with ideology in the new age maybe really stands for the hopeful future?